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Sebastian Castro
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Contract Pilot Services for Aircraft Owners & Operators

Your Safety, Service and Satisfaction is my Priority

There is currently a huge personal pilot shortage in the market. I offer my services as an independent contract pilot for hire to:

  • Aircraft owners who don’t know how to fly.
  • Aircraft owners with a basic pilot’s license who can’t fly in bad weather.
  • Aircraft owners or operators who are too busy with their work or life to make aircraft ferry
    flights to and from maintenance facilities.
  • Charter Companies that need a Co-pilot.

Personable and Professional Contract Pilot Services

When it comes to contract pilots for hire, there are several things that makes WES Air stand out:

  • I have extensive experience flying King Air airplanes for a charter company.
  • I am customer service oriented – I pay close attention to my passengers’ needs not only
    aboard the airplane, but also on the ground.
  • I make scheduling easy – you can hire me at a day rate depending on aircraft.
  • I am also fluent in Spanish, so my capabilities to translate are a perfect fit for
    international trips to Spanish-speaking countries.
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